Our Firm

Our Strategies

At Third River Capital Management, we take a consistent, disciplined and team-based approach to value investing.  Our investment edge is primary in-depth research that seeks value in companies and investments that are overlooked or misunderstood.  Our goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted and absolute returns over the long term through proprietary research and a highly disciplined process.

Our Approach

Third River Capital Management offers several related value-driven investment strategies:
  • Small-cap value
  • Small and mid-cap-focused opportunistic value
  • Hedged and tailored strategies

Third River is an employee owned boutique investment management firm.  Our employees are significantly invested alonside our clients and our founding investors remain our steadiest clients.  

The firm's principles are built upon our founding partner's long history of investment excellence and leadership in value investing.

We remain a committed to the same anchoring beliefs in value discipline and team-based culture.

  • Intrinsic value investor focused on small and mid-sized public companies
  • Disciplined research and risk process identifies investments with superior expected returns
  • Team-driven approach focused on proprietary knowledge